When Is It Time To Buy A New Computer?

There is no denying it, there comes a time when you just have to buy a new computer. Although reaching that decision can be pretty hard. I like to draw a parallel between the five “stages of grief” and the “stages of buying a new computer”:

  1. angry at computer

    Anger – First, you will get angry at your slow, antiquated system – a system that thinks … and thinks … and thinks … before doing even the easiest of tasks!

  2. DepressionAfter anger comes depression. Every time you hear the word “computer” you burst into tears at your rusty, bug-ridden slow system down in your basement.
  3. Isolation – Gradually, you will experience the sense of being isolated from the rest of the community who all have better systems
  4. Bargaining – You will bargin over the petty things like; what if I just change the Windows? Wouldn’t the problem solve if I just get a speedier internet connection?
  5. Acceptance – You will finally enter the stage of acceptance when you reach the realization that buying a new system is just inevitable.

This article is meant to help you in reaching the final stage of acceptance by putting some core facts and figures in front of you:

Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work

You have tried all the methods of maintaining your PC that I have explained in previous articles, like defragging, using third-party software to speed-up your system, re-installation of Windows etc. None of them have been successful in giving you an optimum processing experience.

Low Memory

If your system is popping up the notification  “Virtual memory is too low” even when you have opened just a couple of folders, your old buddy is only trying to convey in softer tones the harsh words, “Speak up, sonny, I can’t hear — SQUIRREL!”

Hardware Issues

When a memory diagnostic test or hard drive scan test is frequently telling you that there are bad sectors and unfixable errors  in your storage area then you might want to change your entire system or get a replacement for the hard drive.

Need for Better Experience

There are scenarios when your system’s performance is okay, but you need an upgrade. If you are a gamer, playing high defintion games on your desktop requires bigger memory for graphics and a high capacity RAM.

Secondly if you want to upgrade your system to Windows 7 but the current hardware specs of your computer are too low (such as RAM memory and processor speeds). In this case if  you want a comfortable Windows 7 experience, you will need to upgrade your system or buy a new one.

You are just sick of it

New programs are being launched everyday, and they require more storage space for installation, more virtual memory for running, and other endless demands. We just have to give in at some point. To cure the the nuisance caused by these high-end programs and abate the feeling of being sick of looking at the same laptop or desktop for more than 5 years,  just buy a new machine. If you have money saved up, upgrading your system or buying a sleek new laptop might make you giddy for a couple of months. You just have to learn when to let go.

The good news is, each computer you buy will likely be less expensive than the one before it. I have my own receipts in front of me:

2001: $1560

2006: $1190

2010: $990

These costs are each for a custom computer I then built myself. In 2010, I decided to save some time and spend $40 to have them assemble it, so the actual cost was $950 (I bought each computer at Ncix.com out of Vancouver). Each machine was twice or more as powerful as the one before!

I hope if you make the decision of buying a new PC, you get a good return for your money. R.I.P old buddy!

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