Tips to Keep your Wireless Network Secure

In this post I am going to discuss some common tips to remember when you are using modems or routers for wireless internet connectivity. These will maximize the security you have while browsing over the web:

  • If you are having problems with your LAN connection, you can resolve it (in some scenarios) by changing the IP address of your computer. Windows might itself suggest it as a troubleshooting option. It can be done in command prompt. To do this, go to the search box in your Start button and type in cmd – cmd.exe will show up. Click that to enter command prompt.  Type in the command “ipconfig/release” and then type “ipconfig /renew”. This should change the IP address of your computer or router.

    If you can’t do this due to some error, try resetting your router and then shut down your computer. Turn on the router and then restart your system. Now change the IP with the above mentioned commands.

  • In order to save yourself from any trouble in future, you should save your connection properties to a file from where you can upload them back when needed.

Wireless Network Connection Properties

  • If you are working with Wireless networks then you should always make sure they are secure. There are levels of security that your wireless connection can offer. There are three security protocols – WEP, WPA and WPA2. The WEP protocol offers the least security and can be cracked. Open the properties of your wireless connection or open ‘Manage Wireless Connections’ from ‘Network and Internet section’ in the Control Panel, as shown in the below image. You can directly open the window from right-clicking on your connection and going to Properties and then clicking on the Security tab.

    If you want to change the security type, you will have to type in your IP address in your web browser and you will also require the administrator username and password (get it from your ISP if you don’t have one). Once logged in, you can change the security protocol and also assign a new passphrase from there.

Manage Wireless Networks

  • Set a passphrase to connect to your wireless network from the connection properties, choose a good password.

Passphrase for the Wireless network

  • If your connection has been giving you problems, try configuring the driver from the connection properties or you can directly update it from the Device Manager. You can check online for any available updates of your driver.

Updating driver for Wireless

All kinds of bad things can happen if you don’t have a secure internet connection, for wireless internet, security is even more important.  Make sure you have WPA2 or atleast WPA security type and always keep a stringent passphrase.

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