How to Uninstall Old Computer Programs

Having all the variations of instant messengers in your system or installing all kinds of download accelerators/managers does not win you any awards, they don’t even make you tech-savvy. Most computer users have a habit of installing programs from the web and then forgetting about them. There are just a handful of applications that are used on a daily basis, the rest of them just take up space and keep bugging you at odd times with reminders of updates and upgrades to pro versions.

It is a good practice to visit your installed programs once in a while and keep what you use frequently and uninstall what you don’t use or is just not needed anymore. Here are the quick steps of uninstalling the undesirables:

1- In all versions of Windows, click on Control Panel from Start menu, under the section of Programs, click on “Uninstall a program”.

Control Panel Uninstall a Program

View of Control Panel in Windows 7

2-Click on “Uninstall a Program”, under Programs and Features.

Control Panel Programs Section

3- This will open a list of all installed programs. Select the program you want to remove. Then click on the Uninstall button listed in the top bar.

Uninstall a Program

View of Uninstall a Program panel


4. The Windows will prompt you to confirm your action and will then proceed to remove the software you selected.

Don’t get over zealous about uninstalling. We want you to keep Java, .NET framework, Visual C++ and other programs that you might not use directly but they are needed for a variety of other programs you do use on a daily basis. Just get rid of unnecessary toolbars, add-ons, media programs and messengers you know you rarely use, and you’re well on your way to speeding up your computer.

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