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Using MSConfig to Solve Slow Computer Boot Times
There is nothing more depressing than sitting down in front of your relatively new, state-of-the-art computer system and being disappointed in its performance.  One of the key factors in our perception of a computers speed is its boot up time.  If it takes a long time to ready itself on power up, we feel like the computer is slow.  This is compounded when installing software or performing maintenance [...]
Why is my Internet Connection Slow?
"People download large files like videos, programs in a matter of minutes. Why is my internet connection so slow?" A slow internet connection is one of the most irritating global ailments that infect your system, (the other being your slow computer speed of course.) If you subscribe to a high-speed connection but feel like you're on dial-up (remember those days?), a snail-like browsing speed can [...]
Why is my computer so slow?
Computers all over the world commonly suffer from snail-like processing speed, a sluggish virtual memory and an error-ridden hard drive. These symptoms combine and manifest the disease of slow computer. When you buy a brand new desktop or laptop, it works fine and seems super speedy for a while but then it always seems to slow down. It is true that a processor does wear down over time, but there [...]
How Did My Hard Disk Become Fragmented and What Can I Do About It?
If you’ve noticed that your computer is slower than it used to be when launching applications or accessing large files, there’s a pretty good chance that what you’re experiencing is data fragmentation on the disk. Don’t worry.  Even though it sounds really bad (in order to fragment most things you’d have to hit them with a hammer) file fragmentation is both common and easy to fix. What [...]
Hard Drive Clutter – Speed Up Your Computer With A Tidy System
In order to carry out its job, your computer makes extensive use of its CPU, memory, and hard disk.  Of the three, the hard disk is by far the slowest when it comes to storing and locating information, so it’s often found to be the weak link when it comes to tracking down the cause of a slow computer. The Desktop The desktop is designed as a location to place shortcuts to frequently used programs [...]
Speed up Your Lean Machine with Free Software
I can fetch myself a soda (and probably finish it as well) before Google Chrome will do me the honor of opening and start browsing. Sometimes your system gets so slow it's downright frustrating. Are you getting sick of your gradually slowing computer? Here is an overview of some freely available software from other companies that can help in speeding up your computer and take away the ick factor :) DISCLAIMER: [...]
Clean, Mean, Computing Machine: How to Optimize Your Computer’s Hard Drive
Your hard drive is “fat”. It has lots of useless files on it that you don’t need, you don’t even know you have, and you don’t know how to find and remove. These files are slowing down your system and taking up precious file space you can use for storing other data. What you need is to speed up your computer - you need a “workout plan” to slim down and optimize your hard drive and keep [...]
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