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The Windows Registry
Warning – this article is an introduction to the Windows Registry.  A comprehensive guide to its use could fill a book, and we simply don’t have room here.  If you’re going to make changes to any values within the Windows Registry, make sure you back it up first, or risk having to reinstall your Operating System.  To make global changes to the registry, you need to be logged in as an Administrator.  [...]
Tips to Keep your Wireless Network Secure
In this post I am going to discuss some common tips to remember when you are using modems or routers for wireless internet connectivity. These will maximize the security you have while browsing over the web: If you are having problems with your LAN connection, you can resolve it (in some scenarios) by changing the IP address of your computer. Windows might itself suggest it as a troubleshooting [...]
A Quick Guide on Maintaining your PC
We have gone through the many steps, software and utilities that could help in keeping your device up to speed. I know that this can be a lot of information and which can slow down the human processor of yours ;-) It is also hard to download all the mentioned programs and remember to do all the required cleanups, so I am just going to mention the basic points  that can prevent many problems from happening [...]
How To Reinstall Windows
When you have tried all disk clean-ups, anti-virus software, registry cleaners and nothing seems to fix the slow performance of your computer, it may be time to reinstall a fresh copy of your operating system. Before you start the installation, make sure you have copied all the important content (documents, pictures) to a separate partition or to an external hard drive. Steps of Installation Installing [...]
When Is It Time To Buy A New Computer?
There is no denying it, there comes a time when you just have to buy a new computer. Although reaching that decision can be pretty hard. I like to draw a parallel between the five "stages of grief" and the "stages of buying a new computer": Anger - First, you will get angry at your slow, antiquated system - a system that thinks ... and thinks ... and thinks ... before doing even the easiest [...]
How to Uninstall Old Computer Programs
Having all the variations of instant messengers in your system or installing all kinds of download accelerators/managers does not win you any awards, they don't even make you tech-savvy. Most computer users have a habit of installing programs from the web and then forgetting about them. There are just a handful of applications that are used on a daily basis, the rest of them just take up space and [...]
Check and Fix your System – Bad Sectors and Disk Errors
Do you remember the time when  your computer used to display the message that it needs to check for disk errors because of an accidental shutdown? Although this particular error is seen infrequently these days , thanks to laptops and backup batteries, your hard disk can still accumulate errors over time if proper maintenance is not carried out.  These errors generate "bad sectors" on your disk [...]
Do You Have A Backup Of Your Computer?
Have you backed up the priceless photos, videos and documents on your computer lately? The disasters that result from not backing up your data can not only spell emotional disaster, but financial as well. In order to raise awareness regarding such a significant cause, there is even a dedicated day to raise awareness - "World Backup Day". It is celebrated on March 31st. I have discussed the steps [...]
How To Use Backup and Restore Options In Windows
The Hot Tub Time Machine of Your Computer At some point in our lives, we just want to turn back the clock and undo everything we did before. This superhuman feat is not possible with real life problems but, if its any consolation, you can do it with your Windows computer! :)  The newer versions of Windows have introduced an integrated Backup and Restore utility which holds its own when compared with [...]
Upgrading Your BIOS to Make Your Computer Work Better
What is the most alien computer jargon that terrorizes the average person or the easiest way to scare off the innocent computer user?  Tell them "there seems to be a problem with your system's BIOS!" (By the way, they should get scared, because a problem with the BIOS does mean deep trouble for your computer, as I will explain further.) If I tell you that BIOS  (Basic Input Output System) is [...]
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