Why Is My Computer So Slow?

speed up my pcPC boot times that drag, getting stuck at login, programs that crash, web pages that take forever to load up … the list goes on. Why is my computer so slow? you often ask. It gets so frustrating that you just want to kick your stupid slow machine and vow to never touch computers again! Especially if you’ve lost valuable data, not to mention wasted time. It doesn’t matter if you have Windows 95, Vista or Windows 7. Your computer begins to slow down and drag.

I hear your call to “speed up my pc!” I’ve been there. You need some sort of computer booster.

I actually broke my computer monitor once. Yup, it was 2 AM and I had just lost an English essay I was writing for class. I had a buggy Windows 98 system that constantly crashed, and though I was saving every couple minutes, when I rebooted after it crashed, the document was completely gone. Forever. I shambled into class a couple hours later with no essay and a sore fist.

My next computer was a gleaming, brand new Windows XP machine. Guess what? After a year, it was slowing to a crawl, and began crashing. Gee, thanks Mr. Gates! By then I had started my own web design business, so my time was extremely valuable. I did this part-time after work. One productive hour a night turned into three frustrating wasted hours, and I found it took twice as long to load up my email than actually reading them! I had to always backup my work to CD, fearing that my system would crash at any moment. I constantly went to bed angry and frustrated, which is certainly NOT a good way to get a good night sleep.

What a nightmare!

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

why is my computer so slow?I asked myself that question constantly. I often checked online looking for solutions to my slow computer. Forums, newsboards, I tried figuring out why I always seemed to buy computers that sucked.

More hours were spent every night reading little bits of information and trying them out. Some worked, some made things worse. Over the years, here’s a couple big things I found helps fix your slow computer:

  • The registry. Every computer has an internal library it consults whenever opening a program. As you add and delete programs, as as Windows makes its weekly updates, more and more garbage collects in the registry. Soon, it looks like a messy bookshelf, with books in the wrong places, some upright and some on the floor, others with their covers missing. A good registry cleaner can significantly fix a lot of your slow computer problems.
  • Start Up Programs – It seems that every program and piece of software you install wants to make your life easier. That means, when you boot your computer up, the software will boot up as well. While this makes it faster to load, it uses up and hoards a bit of memory. Now, imagine having 20 such programs loaded into your computer. Guess the result? Yup, a computer that takes forever to load (because it’s loading the operating system, which is already a hog, plus all those other programs.) Apple software, Adobe Acrobat and lots of brand-name media players are guilty for this. You need something to stop all those programs from loading at startup, and to only load when you need them.
  • RAM Memory – Sometimes, all you need is a bit more memory. With each version of Windows hogging more memory and resources, even a three year old computer may not be able to properly run the latest version. Often, it’s simply a case of adding more memory. This does involve physically opening your computer and dropping in a new memory stick, and it has to be the right one. This could be the occasion where a technician comes in handy. However, go with a private one or a small local computer store – the big box office computer stores charge far too much (hey, they have to pay the actors with all their “helpful” tips in their commercials!)

Tips, Tricks and the Best Cleaning Software to Speed Up Your PC

Because I am a web designer and computer builder, I have hundreds of hours logged into chat forums and technical websites to figure out weird computer problems. I’ve also crossed paths with many computer experts and repair technicians who gave me a lot of tips. (#1 tip – Get rid of Norton antivirus! Check out the fastest antivirus product I’ve used for years … oh, and it’s free!)

I have a notoriously bad memory (just ask my wife), so if some computer problem again happened down the road (which it did), all I had to do is go back to all the notes I collected. Viola, problem fixed! So, I decided to collect everything here. In this website, you’ll find all the tips and advice I found, refined and simplified to keep my computer in optimum shape.

Check out all the latest tips and tricks below. Soon, you’ll have a healthy, fast computer, and that smile will again be on your face!


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